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Katy’s Magic 7

Hey Beauties! I’m Katy, I’m 21 and I just moved to London to be a full-time plus-sized model. I’ve been quite busy this week; moving into my new flat and trotting around London for castings and jobs. I’ve also been trying to learn to be an Instagram hero, but I feel like I’m missing something – anyone fancy giving me a lesson? Anyway, these things have been brightening my life up this week.


Receiving mail is my all-time favourite thing. My very lovely friends and family have been sending lots of cards to warm my new home, so I’ve been inundated with lovely notes and messages. Let’s all be pen-pals!


I tend to keep make-up to a minimum when I’m in charge, but I am a big fan of a bold eyebrow. I keep eyes light and bright, and pencil in perfectly shaped eyebrows using Benefit Instant Brow Pencil. Super quick and easy. Then, even when you pull silly faces, your eyebrows will look fantastic…


This week I went to see my lovely friend in a brand new production he wrote and performed with some friends. I think they’re going to be a pretty big deal, because it was FANTASTIC, you can follow them on Twitter if you like > @bunting_puddle. Anyone got any recommendations for must-sees in the city? Holla at me!


I bought this jumper dress this week to commemorate the start of Autumn. and I love love LOVE the delightful little peter pan collar – I think it smartens up a casual outfit.

On the same shopping trip (big spender), I got this bag from Zara. I’ve been looking for an everyday shopper that I can use for work. It needs to be big enough to fit my portfolio in, and a pair of heels. This fits the bill perfectly! AND it was only £29.99! THAT is a bargain.


Working in the fashion industry means you have to look after yourself, kids! I use this fantastic leave-in conditioner about once a week to repair and protect my hair from the damage caused by lots of blow drying, hair straightening and back combing!


I heard Kodaline’s ‘All I Want’ for the first time last week and it knocked me off balance I liked it so much. I’m such a sucker for a sweet harmony.

Other musical treats worth a mention this week: ‘One Day’ – Asaf Avidan (Wankelmut Remix) and – this is my big brother and he’s great. There is absolutely no bias here. None at all.


Have a good week, lovers! xxx