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Philomena Kwao ¦¦ Oneonethree Plus Size Boutique Launch

Hi Guys,

Last (extremely cold) night my friend Mulan and I attended the Oneonethree plus size boutique launch in Bethnal Green.

The palette was a mixture of black, white and red; with leather and fringing featured heavily throughout.


My outfit of choice was a tube dress from a boutique in New Look, three pairs of tights (it was in minus temperatures lol), a river island hat, blag wedge boots from Primark and a leather jacket from Toronto. And of course my head was cold so I rocked Esmeralda.

The two founders of the brand, (in black and red) explained that they were trying to create a young, hip fashion brand for plus size women in the UK; something that they believe is still lacking in the market. In attendance where the models they used in the shoot, fashion designers who designed individual pieces for the collection, press and friends of the team.

I honestly loved most of the collection. Being a blazer kind of girl, my favourite outfit of the collection was this bright red boyfriend blazer. It had shoulder pads to balance out my pear shaped figure and was an excellent length to double as an overcoat in the summer month. My must buy!

Another piece that interested me was a dress created by Pedro (pictures in the long black skirt and modelled by a friend of his). I love the different textures coming together and the black on the front created a slimming flattering silhouette.


Needless to say we were fed VERY WELL. From chicken to samosas to the massive red velvet cupcakes everyone was satisfied. There was also good music and an abundance of fine wine.

Overall I had a great night meeting other plus size people in the industry, I found a new wardrobe staple and I had plenty to eat and drink. We were also given a goody bag with a copy of SLINK Magazine. J

Till we meet again folks,

Night, Phil x

Philomena Kwao (Models 1 +)