Models1 Curve

Models 1 Curve

Jada Sezer ¦ #M1atIOWFest Style

It’s only 2 days to go until we will be the official scouts at the Isle of Wight Festival. Our wellies are being packed, our tents ordered & our festival kit is being curated. After the bands, the most important element for every girl & boy attending is their festival style. That is why we have got the gorgeous Jada Sezer to pick out her dream festival outfit…

Stone Spike Tube Necklace from Topshop

Strappy Lace Dress from Topshop

Studded Biker Jacket from Urban Outfitters

Arabel2 Cut Out Heavy Boots from Topshop

Leather Backpack with Tab Detail from ASOS

Studded Beanie from ASOS