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Models 1 Curve

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The gorgeously groomed Rose Concencion shows us how to get the most out of your straighteners in this Wednesday’s Beauty Tips & Buys .

I really like to play with my hair and I wanted to show you the different types of waves that you can achieve with your straighteners. I’m currently using my lovely GHD  V Gold Classic Styler to create these two looks. Before applying any heat to my hair I always use a heat protector (for links see end of post) as it’s best to protect the hair because you don’t want it to burn or damage those fragile ends. 

If you have straight hair that doesn’t hold curls for long I have also added some links to some hair sprays and mousse that you could use for extra-long hold.

Here you see me with straight hair after using my GHD’s normally…(working those poses!)

    Want a beach wave effect to your hair? I learned this trick when I was on set shooting for a hair campaign. This will give you quick and easy waves in minutes.

Here comes the technical bit: What you want to do is bend the hair with the straighteners, first towards you like picture 1) then go down a inch and bend it the opposite way. While you are doing that the hair on the bottom is that is being held by your other hand and is pulling the hair in the opposite direction of the of the straighteners like in picture 2). Repeat those two moves from root to tip. It takes a minute to get used to the moves but hopefully the pictures breaks it down for you.  


Now for those luscious body waves I created this look by making ringlets in my hair with straighteners. Starting with a small section of hair I wrap the hair around the straighteners bit by bit. What you want to do is as you are curling the hair around the straighteners you are sliding it down at the same time. Wrapping it round and round to the tip. Some find this method very easy to do while others might need a bit longer. You are curling away from the face so that the curls fall to frame your features.

  Tip: A big paddle brush is your friend! Combined with some hair spray, gently brush the ringlets out to create some soft waves. For a bit more lift on top, gently back brush the hair at the roots or flip your hair over your head upside down and apply some hair spray.

Paddle Brush : Any beauty product store

Hair Spray: Can be any hair spray of choice, but I love  Elnett Loreal Spray

GHD Straighteners:

Heat Protector: Tresemmé Thermal Spray

Hair Mousse: Loreal Tecni Art Mousse

To keep beautiful check out Rose’s Beauty Tips and Buys every Wednesday on the M1C Blog!