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Models 1 Curve

Iskra || Miss Workout : Squats || #ToneYourCurves

We have total curve envy of the beautiful Iskra, and today she is going to show us how to get her bootylicious body through a great squat routine! #MissWorkout


Hi everyone, this is my first blog post for M1C – exciting!


It’s not easy keeping your curves toned so I’m going to share with you my top secrets, to help you look and feel like an M1C model too.


The most important word when it comes to working out… SQUATS. Seriously girls, doing a proper set of squats 2-4 times a week will change your life – well your body at least 😉


Squats performed correctly work your whole body – even your core. They define shapely legs and give shape to straight thinner legs.


It’s very important to get the technique right so check out the video of me squatting in my gym…

Original Video– More videos at TinyPic


How to squat:


• (Start with no bar/weights and preferably stand in front of a mirror to practise) stand feet hip width apart, feet facing forward – your body weight in your heels

• Keep your chest up and look directly forward

• Slowly bend your knees and lower to 90 degree angle (imagine your sitting back on a chair)

• Your knees never come over your toes – really make sure you sit back (sticking your bum out)

• If you feel like your falling back a top tip is to put something under your heels (I have two smells weights under mine in the video)

• Now push yourself back up to standing, thrusting your pelvis forward and clenching your bum

• If you are trying to slim and tone your legs and butt use a low weight (no more than 10kg) and do high reps. I recommend squatting 15times break for 2mins and repeat 3 times

• If you would like to get a bigger butt and shapely toned legs, start building up your weight (I’m currently on 65kg) and I perform 6 squats, 2min break and repeat this 4 times


Go give squats a go – be careful, if something hurts stop and stretch after your workout! Try to get someone to spot you (gym lingo for watch and make sure you don’t hurt yourself) especially when you start using heavier weights.


I’ll be back next week with another exercise to get your curves rocking!

Love Iskra x