Models1 Curve

Models 1 Curve

Iskra || Miss Workout || Bent Over Row Exercise

Iskra is back this week with a new top workout tip, check it out!


“It’s not easy keeping your curves toned so I’m going to share with you my top secrets, to help you look and feel like an M1C model too.

One thing all of us hate… The dreaded bingo wing :-O but instead of moaning about it – lets DO something about it!
So I present to you the bent over row. An easy little exercise which isolates your triceps and tones up your arms. And don’t be scared, yes you are using a weight but we are using a light weight (from 3-10kg and doing high reps 3 sets of 20 rows) so you won’t become Arnie over night!
Check out my video below of me doing BO rows in my gym…”


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