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Packing Tips || Suitcase Style || Philomena

Philomena is back to give us her Packing Tips whilst travelling as an M1C, check it out !




23kgs sounds like a lot right? ….. Nope! It really isn’t but there ways around it. When I first went to NYC I bought an extra suitcase. Virgin has really cheap deals when you buy an extra suitcase on line. It was £36!!!! Much cheaper than paying for excess luggage at the airport (a mistake I made many a time when going on holiday).

Why did I have so much luggage? Clothes and shoes… I just have so many ;). No. Not really. I just didn’t want to have to spend money buying stuff in the states when I already had everything I needed in London. I would rather spend £36 on an extra bag than hundreds of dollars on new clothes and shoes (no exaggeration, NYC is a very expensive city). I wanted to be prepared for castings, meetings, parties, test shoots and anything else. 


What have I learned? Here are my top five tips for short term relocation packing:

       1. Multi-Purpose clothing

I will be writing on this in the following weeks: how to make the most out of your wardrobe essentials. Jeans can be dressed up or down. Accessories, which take up little space and weigh next to nothing, can transform even a plain white tee. A black dress can be worn to the club or smartened up to a meeting or casting. And did you know rompers make good shirts?… All will be revealed soon.


2. Squeeze, Squeeze, Squeeze

When you layer your shoes, you can squeeze all sorts in little gaps, and stuff delicate thing wrapped in underwear into your shoes…. There is always space for everything.

3. Cabin Allowance? Use it!

That extra 5kgs when you have a mission is not for you to carry a small stylish bag, but a chance to pack any excess.

4.Wrap, Wrap, Wrap

Don’t forget your cling film for wrapping a liquid stuff like cleansers and expensive creams that you can’t get at your destination. You don’t need to take common items like shampoo, conditioners, toothpaste etc because chances are you can get it quite cheaply at your destination but not everything. The Garnier products I use as part of my daily skincare regime are not sold in the states so I have to carry that with me.

5.Roll, Roll, Roll!

When it comes to packing, rolling is best!

Happy Packing!


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