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Iskra || Miss Baking || Triple Layer Milk Chocolate Cake

Iskra is back with this scrumptious new recipe!


Hi everyone!

I’m really excited to share my triple layer milk chocolate cake recipe with you all. It’s a firm family favourite and perfect for birthdays and special occasions. It’s not too dense, heavy or sickly – but chocolately with a light airy texture and a smooth creamy milk choc buttercream.

Top tips when baking this at home :

  • Always try to use good quality chocolate (my faves are Green & Blacks or Cadbury)
  • Let you cakes cool for 5-10mins when they are out of the oven before trying to get them out of their tins (means they are less likely to stick or fall apart)
  • Start preparing your buttercream when your cakes are cooling to save time
  • Add a Tbsp of Nutella to your buttercream to add a yummy twist of hazelnut
  • Now it’s time to watch my YouTube video on how to bake it and print off the recipe below and have a go at home!

Thanks Iskra xxx

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