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Lucinda || Models1Curve Beauty Buys || Smokey Eyes

 This week Lucinda shows us how to recreate her evening eye makeup look #ModelOffDuty


“Here I am creating a natural brown smoky eye with winged liner to finish it off.




For this look I am using five eye shadows from my Front Cover pallet, to make this process easier I have numbered each colour.

First we start with a blank canvas, a clean face with no trace of make up or dirt, I like to cleanse, tone and moisturise my face before applying makeup.

I start the look by using my Bobbi Brown Eye Primer; I love this as it helps keep my eye makeup on all day with no smudging!


I then add number 1 eye shadow all over my eyes, paying special attention to under the brow bone and in the water duct to open up the eyes.


Then taking number 4 eye shadow I apply it over the eyelid.3

Using number 5 I create two triangles on the corners of my eye starting from the water line and the point finishing just before my eyebrow, then coming back into the eyelid on top of the crease.4

I then blend the triangles into the eye lid, adding number 4 as I go, making sure that the outer corners of my eye are darker then the inner corners, as this will show more depth and I like to go from dark to light on the eyes, to make the look more awake.


Using number 3 I blend out from the inner corner of the eye and then add in number 2 to the middle for a bronze look. After this I use my gel eye liner, to create the winged eyeliner look and also bring it into the tear duct to create a “cat eye” look.

6 7

Still using the gel eye liner I bring it down under my eyes and draw a thin line just under the water line, then I use my white eyeliner to draw a line in the water line, this makes the eyes appear bigger!


My eyebrows are very defined and arched, so when filling in my eyebrows using my eyebrow pencil from Eyelure I have accentuated the arch for a dramatic effect.

I’ve also applied my mascara to both top and bottom lashes.


Do not be afraid to add more colour, I have added more of number 1 to my tear duct area for example.

Remember, it’s all about trial and error!

And thats it! Hope you enjoyed it and found this useful.


Lucinda x

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