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MEET || Rebecca Morton

Rebecca Morton

She’s an animal protesting, curvacaeous pescetarian… meet our gorgeous new Models1Curve signing, Rebecca Morton.


How did you get scouted?

I started doing beauty pageants when I was 18, and came runner up in Miss England…  everything just escalated from there!


Is modelling something you have always wanted to do?

Originally I actually always wanted to be a vet or a doctor. I was actually studying at University in my first year when I entered “Miss England” as something fun, and by chance it was there that I got scouted. Its not something I originally thought I would do, but now I absolutely love it.


Do you have a #CURVSPIRATION idol?

For me, it has to be Kate Winslet. She has always stuck to what she believes in and has never lost her curves, despite the natural pressure from some parts of the entertainment industry. What I really love is she is such a good example of how to dress AMAZINGLY as a size 12 to 14. She represents  a really healthy outlook for women, and always looks stunning whilst doing it.



Do you have any advice for your 18 year old self, starting out in the modelling industry?

Concentrate on yourself, eat healthily and look after your health. Being healthy makes sure that your skin is clear and you have a general glow, inside and out. Mainly, don’t take things to heart! Have thick, but beautiful, skin!

I think something that took time and age was making the decision to be true to myself, and accepting being curvy. I used to try and maintain being a size 10, and to do that I had to follow a strict diet and exercise regime. Accepting the decision to eat well-roundedly and be the shape that I was truly meant to be was definitely a decision that came with experience, and now I’m so happy to just embrace myself. I love having a bust, I love having a bum… and I think people really respect you when YOU accept yourself. I’ve heard a lot of photographers tell me that they LOVE working with curvy models because they are so self confident within their figures. Curvy girls have really learnt to love themselves over the last few years in this industry, and it’s something I am really proud of.


Do you have any tips or tricks of how you dress your curves?

When I was younger I was constantly trying to cover up or disguise my curves under baby doll dresses, but I soon realised that this was NOT a flattering look! I think the most important thing I have learnt is working with your shape, and finding out what style of shape you have. For me it works to wear tighter clothes to emphasise my hourglass. High waist jeans are amazing! As are pencil skirts. Don’t avoid horizontal lines, put in the right place, they can really emphasize your bust or any other curve that you want to draw attention to.  Detailing on your curves really entices the eye to look at the most powerful parts of your body.

How do you maintain your curves healthily?

 I want to keep my curves, but I want them to be toned. I love Yoga, mainly because its very gentle, but once you get skilled, it is such a deep work out. If you want something a bit more cardio based, body pump really gets me fired up. With eating, I don’t think you have to avoid carbohydrates completely, as you tend to lose it from the wrong places if you follow too strict a diet.


What is your dream campaign?

VOGUE! Of course. But I also would love to do “I’d rather go naked than wear fur” for PETA. I do a lot of animal rights campaigning. I used to be a vegetarian, but I wasn’t eating enough protein so I am now Pascaturain, which means I am a veggie who only eats fish. I’m completely against animal testing, I won’t wear make up brands or anything that harms them.  It started from when I volunteered at a horse sanctuary, and once I saw things with my own eyes, I realised I wanted to change the way animals are used within the fashion industry.


And finally, what song really pumps you up before a shoot or a casting?

HAPPY by Pharell, it really uplifts you for the whole day!



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