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Q&A with winner of #MakeMeaCurveModel Lauren Punter

Curve Lauren Q&A


  • How did you originally hear about #MAKEMEACURVEMODEL?

I saw the competition while I was following @models1curve Instagram. I’d been following them for the past year and I also followed a few of the curve models.

  • Had you considered/ been told you could model before?

I think most girls love the idea of being a model because it’s such a fun job. My friends a photographer so we’ve taken a few snaps before but never anything serious.

  • How does it feel to have beaten all 7,000 applicants?

It’s overwhelming! Its surreal but a great feeling for someone to see potential in you and give you a chance when you really didn’t expect it.

  • What emoji sums up your reaction when you found out you had won?

Mmm I’d have to pick the emoji with the rosy cheeks. Purely because I went bright red and then proceeded to cry ha!

Curve Emoji

  • What was your first day at ASOS like?

My first day at ASOS was so much fun! Everyone welcomed me into the team and made me feel relaxed. It was just so exciting!

  • What would you like to achieve while working as a curve model?

I’d love to make a difference and be an inspiration, especially to younger girls, because I think that’s when you are the most vulnerable to influence and pressure and my adolescent years were the worst because I was bullied and I never felt comfortable with my body.

  • Do you have any dream clients?

My dream client would probably be Chanel because it’s elegant and timeless, I’d also say Alexander McQueen because I love how original his designs are.

  • Which other women do you look up to for inspiration?

Angelina Jolie because she’s classic and she does lots of amazing work all over the world for charity. I’d also say Khloe Kardashian just because she always looks fabulous and really embraces her curves and rocks them, plus she is hilarious.

  • What are your top tips/ advice for dressing a curvy figure?

One of my best tips would be… always try it on! I’m the worst at trying on clothes in shops, I always just hope for the best, but the amount of times I end up back where I started is ridiculous. I think it’s important to know your shape. I have a smaller waist and big hips so high waisted skirts and jeans are better for me. If it doesn’t feel right it probably isn’t and don’t be afraid to ask for a second opinion.

  • Who’s your favourite person to follow on Instagram?

I love following the Kardashians – it’s like a guilty pleasure.

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