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Models 1 Curve

Getting to know… Alo Hickey

After returning from studying in the lively city of Berlin itself, we welcome Aloise back and find out a little more about the bubbly, brunette beauty!

  1. How did you get in to modelling?

I got in to modelling by getting rejected three times over email and then saying f**k it and doing a walk in. I did my walk in at Storm and they sent me over to the lovely people at Models 1 and they signed me!

2. What would be your advice to anyone that wants to get started?

My advice to any one going in to modelling is first and foremost get comfortable with yourself and build up your inner confidence. You are going to get rejected, you’ll never be right for everybody and that is a great thing! You’re unique and wonderful but part of being you and wonderful is that you can’t please everybody. No one will ever tell you to gain or lose weight and if they do you’re with the wrong people (also if they tell you to lose weight you should probs just eat them). Seriously though, if you’re going in to modelling for a confidence boost then don’t rush in to it, just take some time to build that confidence yourself. Rejection is an inevitable part of this industry and if you let that get you down it will destroy you. Also before you start modelling you need to think about what you want to achieve; are you comfortable doing certain things? Are there certain things that you really really want to do? Think about some goals and never let anyone pressure you in to doing things you don’t want to.

3. What’s your typical skincare regime?

Let me learn you a thing, I have two words for you when it comes to skin care: Coconut Oil. I put it on my face, body, hair, dog, enemies (also check for allergies before covering your entire life in coconut oil otherwise you might have a reaction, having said that at least you’d smell good in a&e.) I also use it to shave my legs, put it on in the shower, shave away, and you’ll emerge looking and feeling like a combination of Beyoncé and a sleek dolphin.

4. What’s a typical day for you dietary wise?

Diet is a very big deal when you make money on how you look. When I was a teenager I had huge body insecurities and got in to a hideous cycle of bineging and starvation. I became obsessed with the ‘ideal look’ and felt I had to eat nothing to achieve it. This is absolutely not true and is incredibly dangerous not just to your body but your mind as well. Now I eat to nourish my body, my fave foods are steak, sushi, burgers, any type of seafood (except oysters #wtf #ewwww), peaches, peanut butter, kale and avocado.

I start most mornings with either porridge with blueberries or a cinnamon bagel with jam and a horrifically strong coffee (because life). Lunch is usually sushi or a salad if I’m on the go – If I have more time then I’ll make a stir fry or steam some salmon and veg. Dinner is such a mixture and completely depends on where I am in the world or if I’m travelling, but the ideal dinner would be my Mam’s lasagne (Mam Hickey is honestly a wizard in the kitchen even though she can be a bit of a muggle normally, jokes Mam I love you), followed by home made raspberry sorbet and some magic stars. If I could marry magic stars I absolutely would. I’m not a big drinker so all my meals are usually accompanied by water and Copella (or even a green juice if I’m really living life in the fast lane that day).

5. What are your other interests and hobbies? 

I have loads of hobbies at the moment which according to my mum are probably phases, however, she’s wrong. At the moment I’m trying to learn to skate board which is going really well and I have loads of cool bruises. Hopefully when I’m good everyone will think I’m really bloody cool #skateislyff.

I also sing, I’m a classically trained singer and have been part of choirs for the past 15 years so this is something I’m really passionate about and am so lucky to have been able to do.

Another hobby of mine is raving (if you didn’t think I could be more of a looser y’all are clearly wrong). I have just got back from living in Berlin and the party scene out there is incredible, they have some of the best DJ’s in the world and the party community as a whole is such a great thing to be a part of, unlike England where people drink to get aggressive and then have some chips and go home. In Berlin you can have chips and not be aggressive AND listen to some groovy techno, it’s the classic win win!

I am hugely passionate about the Black Lives Matter movement especially in relation to police brutality. Having lived for some time in Atlanta, Georgia, I saw first hand the struggle of people in this area of America (not that it is in anyway confined to this area) against what has become a vicious cycle of ingrained and institutionalised racism. I am very aware that I have had an incredibly privileged white middle class upbringing and it infuriates me to see others in a similar position to me show so little regard for struggles faced by people just because they are a different colour to them. The fact that black parents have to worry every time their son/daughter drives off to work or to see friends that they might be pulled over for no reason or even shot for no reason other than the colour of their skin, is sickening and makes me ashamed to be a part of this society. We have got to a point as a global society where a weak accusation of “resisting arrest” has become a justification for ending lives and this is completely unacceptable. This violence is real and is affecting families every single day. White privilege is alive and well and living in the 21st century and the only way this can be a good thing is if we use it and utilise the advantages it brings it to make some serious and sweeping changes. Please check out for more information and how you can get involved in the change that needs to happen.

6. What are your top tips for getting dressed in the morning?

My top tips for getting dressed in the morning is don’t, no pants days are the best days. But if you absolutely must then start with great lingerie, if you feel sexy and supported, you will look strong and confident. Also good lingerie makes such a huge difference to how your clothes fit and look. Secondly ignore fashion fads if you want to slay erryday then formulate a style that suits you. My go to look is a great pair of black skinny jeans (American apparel do great denim), with an over sized yeezy-esque hoodie/sweater (if you don’t have money to burn on yeezy’s homeless couture like me then urban outfitters do great slouchy sweaters). Equally I am obsessed with vintage Ralph Lauren flannel shirts (great selection in rocket in Camden). Shoes wise, I either go for my cool edgy Air Force 1’s or a fun heel (Steve madden do such great heels/boot heels that won’t break the bank but that can also weather a sticky dance floor and come out winning). At the end of the day you want a shoe that’s going to take you from desk to bar to rave without you ending up needing your feet amputated.

I would never say no to a good cap but beware when it comes to head wear because if you have a small head like me chances are you might end up looking like an iPhone emoticon which is great if you’re looking to seduce a cartoon, but not so great if you’re not.

For me personally accessories really pull an outfit together, I feel incomplete without my gold hoops and a chunky watch. My absolute pride and joy at the moment is my Balenciaga motorcycle weekend bag, however it’s really not necessary to have a bag worth more than you are, think of all the dib dabs you could buy!!

7. What are the Top 5 songs you’re listening to at the moment? Model playlist.

The songs I’m currently listening to on repeat (I’m the most annoying person to be on a long car journey with) are:

  1. Me and my gang – Masta Ace & MF Doom

2. Long time coming – A.F.R.O & Marco Polo

3. Jumpman – Drake & Future

4. Ms fat booty – Mos Def (Louis Futon remix)

5. Real Muthafuckin G’s – Easy E

Also literally anything by Childish Gambino I’m on board with (Donald if you’re reading this it’s not too late and I will marry you)


Aloise Instagram: @alohickey